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Taking Examinations and Tests

Examinations and tests are set and checked by the Department according to examination procedures published in the Department Handbook. Students should note that if they answer more questions than indicated by the examination rubric all answers will be marked, but the lowest-scoring ones will be disregarded when calculating the totals the paper (or section).


Exams and tests will be supervised by invigilator(s) who will ensure that:

  1. students leave their coats and bags at the front of the room, taking with them to their seats only what they need to complete the paper.
  2. students are separated as much as space permits.
  3. at the start of the test a clear announcement is made stating:
  4. all calculators are checked and permit only those with an approval sticker to be used;
  5. silence is maintained throughout the test;
  6. the room is appropriately patrolled and the students are observed throughout the test(s) (N.B. It is not appropriate for an invigilator to sit at the front reading or doing other work);
  7. all scripts are collected, row by row, while students remain seated;
  8. careful records of incidents are kept and the Department Assessment Officer is notified of all incidents.


It is the candidate's responsibility to provide a script that is clearly legible. It is for the Discipline Assessment Officer and marker to determine whether or not a script is illegible. If they deem that this is the case, the Assessment Officer will contact the student concerned. When an ILP authorises it an amanuensis (scribe) can be arranged. In other cases the candidate may be required to provide a transcript at their own expense.


It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that the calculator they wish to use in a test is working correctly and is of an approved type with an intact University of Exeter security sticker.

The security stickers provided by the University Examinations Office and have an easily recognisable characteristic green/metallic appearance. Checking calculators should be done as early as possible in the examination. Careful records of problems should be kept and the Department Assessment Officer notified of all incidents.

See also: Use of Calculators in Examinations and Tests

University of Exeter Handbook (Physics) Questions/Comments Department (Physics)