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Information Technology Facilities

The University manages a wide range of computing facilities and services that are available to all members of the University:

In order to use any computing services at Exeter you must be registered with them and agree to abide by the relevant rules:

Note: When you cease to be a member of the University you will lose your access to its computing facilities, and your files and accounts will be irrevocably deleted soon afterwards. You must therefore make arrangements for the transfer of important data to another system before leaving.

Physics provides additional facilities for its students to supplement those available from IT services.

Personal WWW Pages

Persons who wish to publish their own personal WWW pages, etc. may do so and will find useful information and guidance here:


Students will receive their email University address as part of the registration procedure. The recommended and supported way to access email is via iExeter:

Students who are not familiar with using email should ask their tutor for advice.

VPN Access

Many University file servers and online facilities are protected the University firewall. Access to them and other internal services is possible from off-campus, which includes halls of residence, using the VPN service:

The server details to enter into the client, once installed are:

The Physics MacCluster Computers

The 'Physics MacCluster' is the network of Apple Mac computers and printers provided for use by students and staff in Rooms PHY/120, PHY/121, PHY/302 and at various other locations throughout the Physics Building. Refer to the

for detailed information.

Physics MacCluster Registration

Users must register before using the Physics MacCluster using the:

webpage, which requires a valid University of Exeter username and password and is protected by the University firewall so off-campus access must be via the VPN service (see above).

Printing Facilities

Our Apple Mac computers are able to print to a nearby printer. Each user is given a quota of 250 sides of printing over a rolling 365 day period.

This service is provided on a 'best efforts' basis as a convenience for students who need to print work to be handed in for assessment, Bart cover sheets, etc. In accordance with University policy, we urge all users to minimise their use of printing and refer to lecture notes etc. on-screen where possible.

For colour and/or larger-volume printing requirements, please use the University's:

Other Computer Facilities in the Physics Building

The Department's teaching laboratories are equipped with a mix of IBM compatible PC's running Windows and Apple Macs. WiFi is available throughout the building.

University of Exeter Handbook (Physics) Questions/Comments Department (Physics)