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Annual Monitoring of Programmes and Modules

The [University] procedures for:

are implemented by the Department as follows.


Staff are required to review annually each module to which they contribute using feedback from:

to consider the appropriateness of:

The annual process of review should be initiated and co-ordinated by the module leader, i.e. the first-named instructor on the module descriptor, who should also complete and sign the pro-forma form:

and return one copy to the Education Support Office in good time for consideration at the relevant Review meeting. The module instructor should also place a second copy in the official module folder in the library annex.

Review and Planning/Briefing Meetings

Module Review meetings evaluate each module by considering the completed Annual Module Review Reports. The meeting should start with instructor(s) presenting a brief verbal evaluation of each module. The subsequent discussion should aim to identify modules in need of revision and to make, through the Chair, an appropriate and informed contribution to the Programme Monitoring Report as described below.

Undergraduate Programmes
Last Week in Easter Vacation, E004Module Review Level 1 Term 1 Stage 1 Co-ordinator Tutors & Module Instructors
Level 2 Term 1Stage 2 Co-ordinator
Level 3 Term 1Stage 3 Co-ordinator
Level 4 Term 1Stage 4 Co-ordinator
First Week in Summer Vacation, SP01 Module Review Level 1 Term 2Stage 1 Co-ordinator Tutors & Module Instructors
Level 2 Term 2Stage 2 Co-ordinator
Level 3 Term 2Stage 3 Co-ordinator
Level 4 Term 2Stage 4 Co-ordinator
Just before start of Term 1, normally week SA07 or T1:00 Programme Review MeetingBSc, MPhysDirector of Education (DoE)Academic staff
Just before start of Term 1, normally week T1:00 Planning/Briefing Meetings Stage 1Stage 1 Co-ordinator Tutors & Module Instructors
Stage 2Stage 2 Co-ordinator
Stage 3Stage 3 Co-ordinator
Stage 4Stage 4 Co-ordinator
NovemberProgramme Audit MeetingBSc, MPhys DoE from another disciplineEducation Committee

The Education Support office will provide the Chairs with a set of the relevant mark-sheets, student evaluations (e.g. questionnaires), and annual Module Review Report forms for reference purposes. The conclusions of the meeting should be recorded on this form:

See also: Procedures for Creating and Editing Module Descriptors.


Programmes are normally grouped for reporting purposes as follows:

  1. All MPhys Programmes
  2. BSc Single Honours Physics Programmes
  3. Combined Honours Mathematics and Phyics Programmes

The monitoring process gathers key points of information from existing materials:

These are considered at the Programme Review Meeting. The only additional work is a reflection upon the action resulting from the previous year's monitoring report and the identification of any amendments needed the programme in future. The outcome of the meeting is a set of minutes recording the discussion and proposed action. The Programme Review Reports (Form 1) summarise the conclusions/proposals. These are considered at a Programme Audit Meeting (observed by the Associate Dean for Education or their nominee) within the framework of a meeting of the Department's Education Committee. The conclusions of this meeting are the Department's Programme Audit Report (Form 2), which the College submits to University Faculty of Taught Programmes.

For Combined Honours programmes appropriate information will be transmitted to the Combined Honours Programme Director.

University of Exeter Handbook (Physics) Questions/Comments Department (Physics)