University of Exeter Handbook (Physics) Questions/Comments Department (Physics)

Quality and Accreditation of the Programmes and Awards

Our programmes are periodically accredited by appropriate professional bodies (see below). Changes to programmes and modules are made via University-approved procedures. Taught programmes are subject to annual monitoring within the Department, and periodic review by by the University PSR mechanism.

Accreditation of the Undergraduate Physics Programmes

All single-honours physics undergraduate degree programmes are periodically reviewed by the Institute of Physics Accreditation process. The most recent accreditation visit was in March 2018 and the next review date is 30 March 2023. All the degree programmes considered were accredited.

Students taking combined-honours Mathematics and Physics who graduate in 2013 and thereafter will hold an award that is 'recognised' by the Institute of Physics.

Holders of accredited MPhys degrees are eligible to follow a route to corporate membership of the Institute and to the CPhys professional qualification. Graduates with an accredited Bachelors degree partially fulfil the educational requirements for CPhys but will have to demonstrate equivalence to an accredited integrated Masters degree during the application process. The Admissions Manager of the Institute of Physics (76 Portland Place, London W1N, 4AA) can provide further information on this.

University of Exeter Handbook (Physics) Questions/Comments Department (Physics)