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#define OPTION1 0x01 // 1 binary 00000001 #define OPTION2 0x02 // 2 binary 00000010 #define OPTION3 0x04 // 4 binary 00000100 #define OPTION4 0x08 // 8 binary 00001000 #define OPTION5 0x10 // 16 binary 00010000 #define OPTION6 0x20 // 32 binary 00100000
int main(void){
» unsigned int flags=0; » flags|=OPTION3;// Set OPTION3 » flags|=OPTION4;// Set OPTION3 » flags&=~OPTION4;// Unset OPTION4 » if ((flags&OPTION3)) printf("Option 3 is set\n"); » return 0;


flags = 0

NB: the actual memory address of each variable is the
address shown plus 4291438856 (0xFFCA2908).

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Option 3 is set

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