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Summary of Parameter Definitions

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This is a quick reference guide, for more details each description is a link to the point in the main document where it is discussed in detail.

Ch Heat capacity of heating element.
Co Heat capacity of oven.
Ro Thermal resistance between oven and environment.
Rho Thermal resistance between heating element and oven.
Te Temperature of environment outside oven.
Ts Set-point temperature which controller tries to achieve.
H Hysteresis band of the On-Off controller.
P Proportional gain of PID controller.
I Integral action level of PID controller.
D Derivative action level of PID controller.
M Maximum heater power.
Noise Equivalent noise spectral density at Ts.
Limit I? Whether to limit the integral action outside proportional band.
Sensor Lag The thermometer time constant.

Diagram of system model (3kB)

The red symbols on the diagram are thermal components; the black ones are electrical devices. Dashed lines represent transducers: a thermometer in one case, conversion of electrical current flowing through the heater into heat (thermal current W) in the other.

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