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Temperature Controller Simulation


The parameters are described elsewhere, with links to explanations and definitions in the main document. Their values in the boxes can be edited in the usual way. With the present values the set-point temperature Ts will stay at $StartTset $units until $StartTime s into the simulation when it will ramp linearly to $StopTset $units at $StopTime s. Either On-Off or PID controllers can be selected with the first menu which also has an option "PID Bode" to display the frequency-domain response of the PID system. The second menu changes the temperature units.

On the time-domain displays the red line is the set-point temperature, Ts, the green line is the oven temperature, To, and the blue line is the heater power, W. On the frequency-domain displays the red curve is the open-loop gain of the system, and the black curve is its phase. The blue curve is the response of the oven temperature To to changes in heater power W and the green curve is the closed-loop response of the oven temperature to changes in the set-point temperature Ts. There is a more technical discussion of aspects of this simulation available.

Click the graph to run the simulation. See also: Parameter definitions.

Model Parameters Simulation Parameters Controller Parameters
Te = H =$units
Ro =$units/W Run for s P =W/$units
Co =J/$units Ts=$units until s I =/s
Ch =J/$units Ts=$units after s. D =s
Rho=$units/W M =W
Sensor lag=s Noise=$units/sqrt(Hz) Limit I?


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