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Physica B 284 158-9 (2000).

Monolayers of 3He on the Surface of Bulk Superfluid 4He

J.P. Warren and C.D.H. Williams

School of Physics, University of Exeter, Exeter, EX4 4QL (UK).

(Submitted 17 June 1999)
We have used quantum evaporation to investigate the two-dimensional fermion system that forms at the free surface of (initially isotopically pure) 4He when small quantities of 3He are added to it. By measuring the first-arrival times of the evaporated atoms, we have determined that the 3He--3He potential in this system is V3S/kB=0.23±0.02 K nm2 (repulsive) and estimated a value ofm3S=(1.53±0.02)m3 for the zero-coverage effective mass. We have also observed the predicted second layer-state which becomes occupied once the first layer-state density exceeds about 0.6 monolayers.

Keywords: liquid helium, surfaces, quantum evaporation, 2-D fermion systems.
Preprint: PDF (118kB)


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