Nitrogen Defects in Silicon — August 5th 2004


Naohisa Inoue's many extra photos are available here.

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Group photo

Group photo. From left to right: Steve Sque, Deborah Prezzi, James Adey, Sébastien Petit, Bob Jones, Thomas Eberlein, Armando Giannattasio, Naohisa Inoue, Jon Goss, Ron Newman, and Derek Palmer.

Some participants at coffee time

Some participants at coffee time. From left to right: Jon Goss, Ron Newman, Steve Sque, Armando Giannattasio, Naohisa Inoue, Deborah Prezzi, and Derek Palmer.

Bob Jones and Naohisa Inoue at The Poacher's Inn

Bob Jones (left) and Naohisa Inoue at The Poacher's Inn.

The Programme Was:

Room 503

10:30–11:00-Coffee (7th Floor)
11:00–11:45Bob Jones (Exeter)Overview of Nitrogen Defects in Silicon
12:00–12:30Armando Giannattasio (Exeter)Nitrogen Locking of Dislocations in Silicon
12:45–2:00-Lunch (Reed Hall)
2:00–2:45Naohisa Inoue (Osaka Prefecture University)FTIR Studies of Nitrogen Defects in Silicon
3:30–4:00-Tea and Close

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