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Several of the theses written more recently in the AIMPRO group are available to be downloaded directly from the Web.

Name (link to webpage/email) Thesis title [available downloads] Details
Luke Hounsome Investigations on the Origin of Brown Colouration in Diamond [PDF] PhD, Exeter, March 2007
Steve Sque A first-principles study on bulk and transfer doping of diamond [webpage] PhD, Exeter, December 2005
Naomi Fujita A first principle study of diffusion mechanisms of the nitrogen-pair defect in silicon [upload pending...] BSc, Paderborn, March 2005
James Adey Boron related point defects in silicon [PS 6.1MB, PDF 2.1MB] PhD, Exeter, December 2004
Thomas Eberlein Point and extended defects in group IV semiconductors [PDF 3.8 MB] PhD, Exeter, March 2004
Ole Andersen Electrical properties of hydrogen-related defects in crystalline silicon [PDF] PhD, Manchester, February 2003
Rui Pereira Study of paramagnetic defects in diamond [PDF] Doctor in Physics, Aveiro, October 2002.
Alexander Blumenau The Modelling of Dislocations in Semiconductor Crystals [PDF] Dr. rer. nat., Paderborn, December 2002
José Coutinho Oxygen-related point defects in silicon and germanium [PDF] PhD, Exeter, December 2001
Chris Cousins Inner Elasticity and the Higher-Order Elasticity of Some Diamond and Graphite Allotropes [webpage] PhD, Exeter, March 2001
James Coomer A First Principles Study of Radiation Defects in Semiconductors [Gzipped PS 3MB, PDF 6MB] PhD, Exeter, December 2000
Stefan Birner First Principles Modelling of Interstitial Aggregates in Germanium [PDF] MPhys, Exeter, June 2000
Ben Hourahine A First Principles Study of Hydrogen Related Defects in Silicon [webpage] PhD, Exeter, March 2000
António Resende An Ab Initio Study of Deep-Level Defects in Silicon [webpage] PhD, Exeter, Nov 1999
Paul Leary A First Principles Study of Light Impurities in Semiconductors [webpage] PhD, Exeter, September 1997
Chris Ewels Density Functional Modelling of Point Defects in Semiconductors [webpage] PhD, Exeter, July 1997
Jonathan Goss A First Principles Study of Defects in Semiconductors [webpage] PhD, Exeter, Jan 1997
Steve Breuer A First Principles Study of Defects in Diamond [PS 1.1 MB, TGZ] PhD, Newcastle, August 1994

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