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Dr. R. Jones publications by Journal

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5th International Conference on Amorphous and Liquid Semiconductors (1 publication).
Advanced Materials (1 publication).
Appl Phys Lett (1 publication).
Diamond and Related Materials (2 publications).
Diamond Optics V (1 publication).
Dislocations in Solids (2 publications).
Hyperfine Interactions (2 publications).
ICDS17 (6 publications).
Inst of Phys Conf Series (5 publications).
International Conference on New Diamond Science and Technology (1 publication).
Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Fizicheskaya Seriya (2 publications).
J de Physique (5 publications).
J Phys (1 publication).
J Phys A (1 publication).
J Phys C (17 publications).
J Phys F (1 publication).
Materials Science Forum (5 publications).
Molecular Simulation (1 publication).
MRS Res Soc Symp Proc (1 publication).
New Methods for Modelling Processes within Solids and at their Surfaces (1 publication).
Oxygen in Silicon (1 publication).
Phil Mag (6 publications).
Phil Mag A (2 publications).
Phil Mag B (8 publications).
Phil Mag Lett (5 publications).
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society (1 publication).
Phys Chem Minerals (1 publication).
Phys Rev B (9 publications).
Phys Rev B Rapid Communications (1 publication).
Phys Rev Lett (7 publications).
Phys Stat Sol (4 publications).
Phys Stat Sol B (1 publication).
Physica (2 publications).
Physica B (2 publications).
Physics and Chemistry of Minerals (1 publication).
Physics World (1 publication).
Proc of Physics and Chemistry of Snow and Ice (1 publication).
Proc of the Diamond Conference (8 publications).
Proc Roy Soc A (1 publication).
psi k Newsletter (2 publications).
Revue de Physique Applique (1 publication).
Semicond Sci and Tech (7 publications).
Solid State Communications (1 publication).
Solid State Phenomena (1 publication).
To be published (1 publication).