University of Exeter Shield Hydrogen '99
Hydrogen in Semiconductors

15-16 April 1999, Exeter - UK

To be held at Exeter, UK, 15-16 April 1999. Registration will take place on the evening of the 14th of April. The workshop will primarily deal with hydrogen in Si and at surfaces. Hydrogen in other materials will also be discussed.

The workshop is funded by the European Science Foundation (through the Psik network) and EPSRC through the CCP9 network. It is intended that the workshop will be of interest to both experimentalists and theoreticians, and aims to stimulate collaboration between the two groups.

The cost of attending the workshop will be 200 pounds (UK), which includes registration and full accommodation costs. Payment can be made by either:

Please register for the workshop either with the Web form here or by email to

Details of how to get to Exeter by rail, coach, plane, bicycle or ballon are online.

The main topics of interest will be:

  1. Hydrogen-defects including molecules and platelets.
  2. Hydrogen-vacancy and interstitial defects.
  3. Hydrogen-impurity interactions including transition metals, oxygen and carbon.
  4. The smart-cut process and other effects of H at surfaces.
  5. Hydrogen-oxygen interaction at surfaces.

Other topics may be included.

The workshop is timed to allow participants to travel on to the meeting organised by the European network on defect engineering of advanced semiconductor devices (ENDEASD) to be held in Greece between the 19th and 24th of April.

Limited funds are available to support participants.

Invited speakers (provisionally) include:

R. Jones
School of Physics
University of Exeter
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Exeter EX4 4QL
United Kingdom
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