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Professor G. P. Srivastava publications in 1980

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Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Solids and Their Surfaces (REVIEW ARTICLE)
R H Williams, G. P. Srivastava and I T McGovern
Reports on Progress in Physics 43, 1357-1414 (1980).

Influence of deep levels on Schottky barrier formation
G. P. Srivastava
Semi-Insulating III-V Materials (Ed. G J Rees, Shiva Publ 1980) 296-298

A model pseudopotential calculation of the electronic structure of Si(111) 1x1 surface
G. P. Srivastava
Solid State Commun 33, 1209-1212 (1980).

Phonon conductivity of insulators and semiconductors
G. P. Srivastava
J. Phys. Chem. Solids 41, 357-368 (1980).

Angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy -the cleaved (110) surface of indium phosphide
A McKinley, G. P. Srivastava and R H Williams
J Phys C 13, 1581-91 (1980).

The electronic band structure of SnS
A W Parke and G. P. Srivastava
Phys Stat Sol (b) 101, K31-K35 (1980).

The electronic structure of cleaved silicon (111) surfaces following adsorption of aluminium
A W Parke, A McKinley, R H Williams and G. P. Srivastava
J Phys C 13, L369-K374 (1980).

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