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Symmetry Notations

The following is a table of the non-cubic crystallographic point groups.

Hexagonal Tetragonal Trigonal Orthorhombic Monoclinic Triclinic
C66 C44 C33 C22 C11
C6v6mm C4v4mm C3v3m C2v2mm
C6h6/m C4h4/m C2h2/m
C3h-6 C1hm (-2)
S4-4 S6 (C3i)-3 S2 (Ci)-1
D6622 D4422 D332 D2 (V)222
D6h6/mmm D4h4/mmm D2h (Vh)2/mmm (mmm)
D2d (Vd)-42m D3d-32m (-3m)

Column pairs give the Schoenflies and equivalent international notation. C indicates cyclic, D for Dihedral, S for Spiegel (or 'mirror'), with h, v and d meaning horizontal, vertical and diagonal (referring to mirror plane locations.) A minus before a number indicates a horizontal bar above that number. Brackets indicate equivalent alternative.

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