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Stage 4 MPhys Tutorial Support

All undergraduate physics tutorials follow the common guidelines for tutorials. The details specific to tutorials for Stage 4 Physics MPhys students are as follows:

A student's MPhys Project Supervisor is normally their tutor during their Stage 4 year. Students hold weekly meetings with their supervisor, primarily to review progress on the project, but also to cover such matters as:

  1. report-writing, presentation skills;
  2. confirming that students familiar with the meaning of 'plagiarism' and what is meant by 'ethical' and 'professional' conduct. The Stage 2 Tutorial Work guidelines include links to online resources covering these areas.
  3. the process of researching prospective employers, applying for jobs, interview skills, etc.;

Stage 4 tutors are not expected to provide support for the non-project modules taken by Stage 4 students as would be the case for Stages 1-3. Stage 4 module leaders will ensure sufficient examples, problems classes, and discussion time are included within the module timetable.

Term 1 (Autumn)

Week T1:01Discuss the employability agenda, in particular the need to prepare a CV and establish deadlines for applications to specific employers.

Term 2 (Spring)

Week T2:01Individual Self-Appraisal PDP interviews.
Week T2:04Discuss Term 1 results.

Term 3 (Summer)

Week T3:01Staff available: students need not attend.
Week T3:07Available to discuss Term 2 results.

University of Exeter Handbook (Physics) Questions/Comments Department (Physics)