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Physics Electives for Other Disciplines

This page is advice for students who are not registered on Physics programmes but who are interested in taking a Physics module as an elective.

All Physics modules require that students have a background of good A-levels (typically A-grades) in Physics and Mathematics. Physics modules are unlikely to be a satisfactory experience for students who do not have these, or equivalent, qualifications.

Physics modules and links to their module descriptors are listed here:

Modules involving laboratory-work, project-work, study abroad etc. are not normally available as electives.

Some module descriptors refer to extra work set and discussed in 'tutorials'. Students taking electives don't have a physics tutor but copies of worksheets will be available via ELE and can be discussed with the module leader as necessary.

Applications to take elective modules should be submitted on a 'module choice form' available from Student Support Service hubs. Applications are subject to timetable/class-size restrictions and academic approval by the student's 'home' programme director and the Director of Education (Physics and Astronomy).

Mathematics Students

The Maths Department allows its students take Physics modules as electives provided they don't duplicate content available in Maths (MTHxxxx) modules. The following modules are particularly suitable for single-honours Maths students and have been approved in recent years:

Biosciences Students

Our most popular module with of students from CLES is:

Other Disciplines

If you have A-grade A-levels in physics and mathematics (or something equivalent) the following module may be suitable as electives:

University of Exeter Handbook (Physics) Questions/Comments Department (Physics)