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Lines of Communication

Communcations Between the Department and Students

Documents such as:

that need to be communicated en masse to the whole Department are published on the:

The primary line for personal communication is via e-mail Students should check their email at least twice each week during term. Students are registered to use email by the University Academic Services IT Department. There are workstations and WiFi connections throughout the University). To ensure security and traceability of messages, it is University policy that all communications between staff and students must be sent to and from University email accounts.

In addition, there is a student notice board in the foyer of the Physics Building which should be checked regularly for new notices placed there on behalf of the Department and the University Administration. The Education Support Office can provide further information about administrative matters; should you need help, please contact them:

Sudents will be contacted by email if any internal or external mail is received for them. This will then be held for collection in the Education Support Office for three weeks. After three weeks it will be destroyed.

The above methods are used for non-urgent routine communication with students but if greater speed is necessary then you will be contacted in term time either through the classes you attend or through a letter to your place of residence in Exeter. In the vacation such communication will be made via email and/or your out-of-term address. These addresses will be the ones given by you at registration and held on the Student Records System so it is vital that you keep these up to date and inform the Department Education Support office immediately of any change in your term time or vacation addresses.

Members of the academic staff have pigeonholes for messages in the foyer of the Physics Building. The name of the member of staff appears below the appropriate slot. Ask the receptionist for assistance if you are unsure about the system.

Communcations About Students with Third-Parties

Students' privacy is protected by the Data Protection Act (1998), the Human Rights Act (1998) and University policy. The Department will not normally reveal information about a student to a third party unless written permission has been received in advance. Exceptions will be made in limited circumstances, such as if a student is gravely ill and unable to give permission, or if the University has a legal obligation to reveal information.

Normally, any enquiry will be answered with a brief explanation that we can neither confirm nor deny that a particular person is a current student here but that we can take a brief message and, if they are a student, we will attempt to forward it to them.

University of Exeter Handbook (Physics) Questions/Comments Department (Physics)