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Access to Books, Libraries and Study Areas

Module Texts and Supplementary Texts

The Module Descriptors list books under two categories. To qualify as a Module Text the book must be in print, available on short loan in the University Library and instructors will assume that students have access to a copy and refer to it frequently. Supplementary texts are also available in the University Library but may not be in print.

In the event that you find a book is not available because it is on loan, please add your name to its 'waiting list'. (The library monitors usage and waiting lists and uses the statistics to tigger purchases of additional copies.)

A full list of textbooks referred to in the module descriptors, including bibliographic details is generated by the WWW site maintenance software. Where possible, the books listed have an active reference number which links directly to the University Library system.

The existence and whereabouts of books in the University Library may be determined using the on-line catalogue suitable terminals are located in PHY/116, PHY/121 and PHY/302.

University Library Services

The University Library Services runs several libraries. The Main Library on Streatham Campus is about 100 m downhill from the Physics Building. As well as books traditional journals and e-journals, it provides access to a wide range of other useful resources.

The library provides subject specific help pages:

Student Study Areas

There are two study areas in the Physics building:

University of Exeter Handbook (Physics) Questions/Comments Department (Physics)