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Attendance Requirements

The University Regulations clearly specify the requirements for student attendance and associated rules for residence, conduct and academic progress. In particular, undergraduate students must ' in attendance as appropriate to their programme of study by the first day of term and must remain in attendance until the last day of term.'. No student may be absent from classes or other assigned academic activities, including clinical placements, unless there are valid mitigating circumstances, without prior permission from the Director of Education.

Students are expected to attend all the lectures, laboratory classes, problems classes, clinical placements, and tutorials in their degree programme regularly and punctually. The convention is that lectures and tutorials last for 50 minutes, beginning at 25 minutes to the hour and ending at 25 minutes past the hour.

As a student, your comprehension of the topics covered in the modules will depend upon the individual efforts you make, and you cannot expect to obtain understanding simply by attending.

Reporting Absence From Classes

In this section 'assessment' refers to a summative examination or test or or a substantial (as defined in the document Penalties for Late Submission of Work) piece of assessed work which, in the opinion of the module instructor, the student cannot reasonably be expected to catch-up.

Classes missed for one to six days, but not an assessment

Absence from classes (lectures, practicals, etc.) for between one and six consecutive weekdays must be reported as follows:

If your absence from class will affect others, e.g. because it involves group work, please also inform the module leader(s) as soon as circumstances allow.

Absences from tutorials should be reported to the tutor directly.

The Stage Co-ordinator will be informed of these declarations, and normally only declarations associated with illness or exceptional personal circumstances (e.g. bereavement) will be approved.

Classes missed due to illness for more than 6 days, but not an assessment

In addition to the above, you must also submit a medical professional's certificate to the Education Support office in the Physics Building, which should indicate the dates of absence.

Note: When a student has been persistently absent for reasons of illness the Department may require the student to obtain a doctor's certificate in respect of any subsequent absences, however short.

Missed assessment, or ability to complete a piece of assessed work has been affected

Refer to:

Persistent or Repeated Absence

The Department will need to inform the Registry when a student has been absent for more than 20 working days, and the Academic Division will notify the appropriate authorities (Student Finance England, LEA, NHS, etc.).

A student who has been persistently absent for reasons of illness may be required (in writing) to obtain a doctor's certificate in respect of any subsequent absences; the student will need to present the Department's letter to the medical practitioner in order to obtain the required certificate.

Attendance Warning Forms

Student attendance is monitored. Absence and/or missed coursework hand-ins will result in a formal warning being issued and held on file:

Points Based System for International Students

International Students' visas require that a Points Based System (PBS) is used to monitor attendance and that non-attending students must be reported to the UK Border Agency. After following the appropriate formal warning procedure outlined above, the College will notify any continued non-attendance of International students to the University International Office.

University of Exeter Handbook (Physics) Questions/Comments Department (Physics)