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Postgraduate PhD Admissions

We have PhD Studentships available

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The Physics section of the
University Postgraduate
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The School of Physics has a number of funded PhD places for suitably-qualified students from both inside and outside of the EU, with considerable flexibility concerning the precise area of research.

Application Process

  1. Refer to the School's research pages and the University's Postgraduate Studies pages and decide the general research area you are interested in.
  2. If you have any further questions, direct general questions to the Postgraduate Admissions Tutor, or questions about specific research areas to the staff member concerned.
  3. Fill in the online application form. Codes for research programmes in this School are: MPhil/PhD in Physics (M334)/(A334).

UK and EU students will then be considered for:

  • School studentships, provided by EPSRC via its DTA scheme;
  • project studentships allocated to specific supervisors in the student's area of interest.

International applicants

International applicants from outside the EU are also welcome. Self- or Government-funded applicants should refer to the University fees information page and should also ensure that they have funding for living expenses. For further information see the University's admissions page for international students.

In some cases, international applicants with outstanding backgrounds may also be able to apply for funding through award schemes in their own countries.


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