Research groups

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Astrophysics Group

One of the largest star formation groups in the UK with a wide variety of observational and theoretical programmes. We are also the head node of the EC FP6 Research Training Network CONSTELLATION studying the Origin of the Initial Mass Function and a major participant in the eSTAR Project. Find out more.

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Biomedical Physics Group

Actively involved in the complementary fields of Biophysics and Medical Physics. Our research falls under a number of headings: Biophysics, Human Perception, Biophotonics, Biomedical Imaging, and Biomedical Electrochemistry. Find out more.

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Electromagnetic Materials Group

Our research focus is on the interaction between light and matter, where we have a particularly strong interest in the fundamental study of electromagnetic materials that incorporate structure from the nanometre to centimetre scale. We are part of "Functional Materials" - one of the University of Exeter's beacon areas of interdisciplinary research. Find out more.

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Quantum Systems and Nanomaterials Group

We probe the quantum properties of matter, with an emphasis on nanomaterials. We investigate both experimentally and theoretically the properties of electrons, phonons and photons in nanomaterials (graphene and carbon nanotubes), and in nanostructures (quantum wells, wires, and dots). We also study the extraordinary properties of anisotropic phonon systems in liquid 4He. Find out more.