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Physics and Astronomy
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Research Groups and Projects

Research in the School of Physics was rated Grade 5A in the most recent Research Assessment Exercise.


We study star formation using a combination of observational and theoretical approaches. We use large-scale ground- and space-based facilities whilst numerical simulation is carried out both in Exeter and on national super-computers. The focus of the group in a single area, and the direct combination of observation in multiple wavelength bands together with theory is exceptional in the UK, and allows us to make a significant impact on the international stage.

Biomedical Physics

We explore the fundamental biophysical processes associated with cell and tissue function, and development novel methods for their physiological investigation and clinical monitoring. Our research on cells concerns the biophysical properties of the cell membrane with projects spanning theoretical modelling and research on model systems to studies on whole cells.

Electromagnetic Materials

Our research focus is on the interaction between light and matter. Our interests lie in electromagnetic materials that possess structure from the nanometre to centimetre scale. The primary activities are plasmonics, liquid crystals, photonics in nature, magnetism, spintronics, materials for data storage applications, ultrafast phenomena and metamaterials. Our interests span from the UV to microwaves, and we pursue a combined experimental/theoretical approach.

Nanoscience and Nanomaterials

We explore the new states of matter in low-dimensional systems, caused by electron-electron interactions, and the properties of novel bulk and nanostructured materials. Experimental studies include complementary measurements of electronic, optical and thermodynamic properties. Computational and analytical techniques are used to study electron, optical and phonon properties of bulk materials, surfaces and nanostructures.

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