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Biomedical Physics Group

Actively involved in the complementary fields of Biophysics and Medical Physics.

The Extracellular Matrix

Unravelling the relationships between the physical properties of the macromolecular constituents of the extracellular matrix and their supramolecular assemblies and the physiological functions of the tissue.
C. Peter Winlove


The science of generating and harnessing light (photons) to image, detect and manipulate biological materials.
Julian Moger

Biophysics of Membranes

Investigating the relationships between composition, structure, physical properties and function of biological membranes.
Peter Petrov

Biophysics of the Vasculature

Biophysical aspects of normal microvascular function, abnormalities associated with conditions such as diabetes and sepsis.
C. Peter Winlove

Biomedical Imaging

Functional imaging of brain activity related to tactile perception and in cases of chronic pain.
Ian Summers

Physics of Human Perception

Virtual textures, Pacinian corpuscles, HAPTEX project.
Ian Summers

Biomedical Electrochemistry

Our research interests are in fundamental electrochemistry, electron transfer reactions (including the exploration of new electrode materials such as boron doped diamond and graphene) and the application of electrochemical techniques to biological systems.
Sharon Strawbridge

Mechanotransduction in membranes

Exploration of the underlying physics governing the relationship between mechanical deformation and induced electrical properties in biomembranes.
Sharon Jewell

Bone Research group

Osteoporosis and bone health
Karen Knapp

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