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Stage 3 MPhys Tutorial Support

All undergraduate physics tutorials follow the common guidelines for tutorials. The details specific to tutorials for Stage 3 Physics MPhys students are as follows:

The common element should consist of:

  1. Discussion and problem-solving in support of the core modules: four problem-sets will be published by the module leaders:
  2. Confirm that students are familiar with the meaning of 'plagiarism' and what is meant by 'ethical' and 'professional' conduct. The Stage 2 Tutorial Work guidelines include links to online resources covering these areas.
  3. A 15-minute talk on the student's second project.
  4. Four sets of PHY3053 (General Problems) exam questions, one set of which is discussed without preparation. Each set will contain 5 to 10 short problems or 2 to 4 long problems selected from the compilation of long and short problems: published in the ELE virtual learning environment.

The following timetable for tutorial activities is suggested. The only constraint on 'Elective Activities' is that they should include an element of student choice and have clear educational aims and benefits.

Term 1

Week T1:01Discuss the employability agenda, in particular the need to prepare a CV and establish deadlines for applications to specific employers.
Week T1:02Elective activities focused on employability
Week T1:03Electromagnetism 1
Week T1:04Quantum Mechanics 1
Week T1:05Electromagnetism 2
Week T1:06General Problems 1
Week T1:07Quantum Mechanics 2
Week T1:08Elective Activities
Week T1:09Electromagnetism 3
Week T1:10Quantum Mechanics 3
Week T1:11Elective Activities
Week T1:12Revision Week. Staff available: students need not attend.

Term 2

Week T2:00No tutorials but staff available. Examination period.
Week T2:01Individual Self-Appraisal PDP interviews.
Week T2:02General Problems 2
Week T2:03Nuclear and HEP 1
Week T2:04Scientific Report writing skills, plagiarism, ethics
Week T1:05Practice Project Talks 1 & set Nuclear and HEP 2
Week T1:06Practice Project Talks 2 & set Quantum Physics II 2
Week T2:07Nuclear and HEP 3
Week T2:08Elective activities
Week T2:09General Problems 3
Week T2:10Nuclear and HEP 4
Week T2:11General problems 4

Term 3

Week T3:01Revision Week. Staff available: students need not attend.
Week T3:07Staff available to discuss results.

Tutors will use their discretion in planning the work load and will set their own questions, or exercises, in addition to those prescribed.

Students in the third year of four-year programmes should be encouraged to visit the Career Zone in the Forum (Tel. 4493) to seek preliminary advice during Term T2.

University of Exeter Handbook (Physics) Questions/Comments Department (Physics)