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End of year questionnaire

This questionnaire asks for your views about a number of aspects of the teaching, assessment, and support provided on your degree programme. Please answer the questions in terms of the degree programme as a whole. We realise that you will have had a wide range of teaching during your programme. Please try to reflect your general experience of the programme, rather than that on specific modules.

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For each statement, show whether you agree or disagree by selecting the answer which best reflects your personal view. If for some reason a particular question does not make sense for your programme please check "N/A".


1. The teaching on my programme:

Staff were good at explaining things.
Staff made the subject interesting.
Staff motivated me to work well.
Staff were enthusiastic about what they were teaching.
Staff made an effort to understand our difficulties.
Staff prepared their teaching thoroughly.
The programme was intellectually stimulating.
I received prompt feedback on my work.
I received detailed comments on my work.

2. The assessment on my programme:

There was a good mix of examinations and other assessments.
The criteria to be used in marking were clear in advance.
Assessment arrangements and marking were fair.
Assessment tasks were bunched towards the end of a module/programme.
To do well on this programme you mainly need a good memory.
It was clear what standard was required in assessed work.
The method used to produce my final overall grade was clear.
It would be possible to get through this programme just by working hard around exam times.

3. Knowledge and skills:

I feel confident in the subject knowledge I acquired.
The programme developed my problem solving skills.
The programme sharpened my analytic skills.
The programme helped me develop my ability to work in a team.
The programme improved my communication skills.
The programme helped me develop the ability to manage my own work.
The programme helped me to present myself with confidence.
As a result of the programme, I feel confident in tackling unfamiliar problems.
There were sufficient opportunities to apply the theoretical knowledge I acquired to practical situations.

4. Programme organisation and management:

The programme was well-organised and ran smoothly.
The programme was flexible enough to fit in with my other commitments.
The programme enabled me to pursue my academic interests.
I found the overall workload was too heavy.
I was given enough time to understand what I had to learn.
I was asked for my opinions about the programme.
The background work volume suggested (for example through reading lists and practice tasks) was unrealistic.
It was clear what I was required to attend, prepare, and do throughout the programme.

5. Support and advice:

I received helpful feedback from staff about my progress on the programme.
I had as much contact with staff as I needed.
I found other students helped me understand the programme.
Good careers information and advice were available.
There was good advice available to ensure that I made the choices in my studies that were right for me.
During my first year, I received sufficient support and advice with my studies.
Over the programme as a whole, I received sufficient support and advice with my studies.

6. Learning resources:

Programme materials (paper based and online) were useful.
The library resources were good enough for my needs.
I was always able to access general IT resources when required.
When it was needed, there was sufficient access to specialised equipment, computing facilities, or rooms.

7. Overall

Overall, I was satisfied with the quality of the programme.
Overall, I feel the programme was a good investment.
I would recommend the programme to a friend.

8. Optional comments

8a. Looking back on the experience, what do you consider to have been the best aspects?

8b. Looking back on the experience, what do you consider to have been the worst aspects?


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