On Line Resources
PHY3143 Advanced Electromagnetism

The following online resources support PHY3143 Advanced Electromagnetism delivered by Prof. J.R. Sambles.

Module description

Self-Tests for Revision

  • Fundamental Equations elrev1.pdf
    Maxwell's equations, continuity equation, fields in media, etc.
  • Important Quantities elrev2.pdf
    Maxwell's euqations, wave-equations, magnetic dipole, etc.
  • Properties of the 'Del' Operator elrev3.pdf
    Expressions for the gradient and curl of sums, products and functions of fields, etc.

Answers to Buzz Problems

For follow-up study after a problem has been tackled in class.

  • el0.pdf Some useful maths.
  • el1.pdf E-field due to a plane of charge.
  • el2.pdf B-field due to a current loop.
  • el3.pdf EMF due to changing B-field.
  • el4.pdf B-field component of E/M wave.
  • el5.pdf Energy density of E-field in coax cable.
  • el6.pdf Superposition of polarised E/M waves.
  • el7.pdf Superposition and reflection of E/M waves.
  • el8.pdf AC conductivity of a metal
  • el9.pdf Plasma frequency.
  • el10.pdf Why is the sky blue?
  • el11.pdf Radiation pressure.

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