The Physics of Phonons

by G P Srivastava,
Published by Adam Hilger, Bristol, 1990

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From the back of the book....

There have been few books devoted to the study of phonons, acknowledged as a major area of condensed matter physics. The Physics of Phonons is a comprehensive up-to-date theoretical discussion of the most important topics, including some topics not previously presented in book form. Although primarily theoretical in approach, the author refers to experimental results wherever possible ensuring the book is ideal for both experimental and theoretical researchers.

The author begins with an introduction to crystal symmetry, and continues with a discussion of lattice dynamics in the harmonic approximation. This is presented at two levels: the traditional phenomenological approach and the more recent ab initio approach, detailed for the first time in this book. A discussion of anharmonicity is followed by the theory of lattice thermal conductivity, presented at a level far beyond that available in any other book. The chapter on phonon interactions is likewise more comprehensive than any similar discussion elsewhere. The sections on phonons in superlattices, impure and mixed crystals and in quasicrystals, phonon spectroscopy, Kapitza resistance and quantum evaporation also contain much material appearing in book form for the first time. The book is complemented by numerous diagrams which aid understanding and is comprehensively referenced for further study.

The Physics of Phonons, with its unprecedented wide coverage of the field, will be indispensable to all postgraduates and researchers working in condensed matter physics, and will be a useful reference to advanced undergraduates.

GP Srivastava
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