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Atomistic Simulation from First Principles

Network objectives

  • Understand and overcome the technological problems associated with ion implantation, specifically, to suppress Transient Enhanced Diffusion (TED) and to develop effective methods of controlling the carrier lifetime in semiconductors using ion implantation;

  • Improve the radiation tolerance of silicon devices used in high energy particle physics and space applications.
Consortium contribution

We are performing ab initio simulations on defects in irradiated and implanted silicon. Of special interest here are the electrical levels arising from relevant defects like aggregates of vacancies or self-interstitials, and also reactions between these and impurities in Si.

The structural and electrical properties are calculated using spin-polarised local density functional theory using clusters and supercells.

Related events

  • Hydrogen'99 - Workshop on Hydrogen in semiconductors, 15-16th April, 1999 Exeter, UK

  • 1st ENDEASD Workshop & Summer School, 17-23rd April, 1999, Santorini, Greece

    • Investigations of Defects in Silicon using First Principles Methods
      R. Jones, A. Resende, S. Öberg and P. R. Briddon (PDF)
    • Self-Interstitial Clusters in Silicon
      B. J. Coomer, J. P. Goss, A. Resende, R. Jones, S. Öberg and P. R. Briddon (PDF)
Other network partners
  • SIRE, Brunel Physics Department,
    London - UK

  • HEPG, Imperial College, London - UK

  • IFA, University of Aarhus - Denmark

  • IMEC, Leuven - Belgium
  • Solid State Electronics, KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm - Sweden

  • CNR-IMETEM, Catania - Italy

  • INFN, Pisa - Italy

  • Demokritos, Institute of Nuclear Physics, Athens - Greece

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