Renibel training workshop

Exeter 7-9 September 2003

The photo and the paticipant list from the worshop can be find here



Sunday 7th September

18h00 arrival/registration in Exeter (Mardon Hall)

19h00 Reception

20h00 Dinner (Mardon Hall)

till 23h00 Bar (Beer)


Monday 8th September

Morning : Computational methods applied to condensed matter (in Physics building room 503)

9h-10h30: Functional density theory basics (for dummies) (J.-S. Filhol)

            - How density functional works

            Introduction to Hohenberg-Kohn-Sham theorem

            Practical implementation and important parameters

            -What is a XC functional?

            -What is a basis set?

            -What is a K-point sampling?

            -What is a pseudo-potential?

10h30 11h: Coffee break


11h –12h: What can you get from DFT (R. Jones)

            - Force and structure

            - Electronic properties

            - Vibrational properties

            - Magnetic properties

            - Dynamic properties

12h-12h30: V and Er defects in 4H-SiC (R. Jones,-D.Prezzi)



12h30: Workshop photo and lunch (Mardon Hall)


14h00 15h00: Theory of EXAFS (Fred Mosslemans): 40min + 20 min discussion

15h00-16h00: Preparation of RE doped nitrides (S. Dalmasso)

16h00-16h30: Tea break

16h30-17h30 Rough guide to DFTB (B. Hourahine)

            -How it works and when it doesn’t

            - what can you get out from it ?

19h00 Dinner




Tuesday 9th  September


9h00-10h00 : Theory of photoluminescence (K. O'Donnell)

10h00-11h00:  Theory of TEM (P. Ruterana)

11h00 11h30: Coffee Break

11h30-12h30: Theory of RBS (K. Lorenz)


12h30 Lunch (Mardon Hall)

14h00-15h00 Using Trim (B. Pipeleers)

15h00-16h00: Theory of electrical measurements and DLTS in semiconductors (D. Palmer)

16h00 16h15 Coffee Break

17h15-19h00: Discussion (Renibel)

19h00 Dinner (Mardon Hall).

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