Aimpro Meeting 2006

 Programme (version 1.00, 11.12.2006)

Monday, 11.12.2006

We plan to meet for food and drinks at the Imperial at 19:00. If you need directions, please have a look at this site. If you arrive earlier, feel free to visit our group in the terminal room (2nd floor, Physics building) on Streatham campus.

Tuesday, 12.12.2006

Time Speaker Title
09:00-10:30 Patrick Briddon Developments in AIMPRO
coffee break (2nd floor)
11:00-11:30 Thomas Eberlein Screened exchange in AIMPRO
11:30-11:50 Alexandra Carvalho Screened exchange method - a new approach to study defects in Ge
11:50-12:30 users user discussion on AIMPRO
lunch break (7th floor)
meet outside the physics bulding for conference picture
14:00-14:20 Gemma Haffenden LVMs and entropy of defects in carbon materials
14:20-14:40 Gianluca Savini Mesoscale elastic constants in graphite
14:40-15:30 Ben Hourahine News from the DFTB world
coffee break (2nd floor)
16:00-16:20 Josep Campanera-Alsina Density-functional calculations on the intricacies of the moiré patterns
16:20-16:45 Jose Coutinho Electronic structure of donor-vacancy aggregates in Ge
16:45-17:05 Huda El Mubarek A new solution to the problem of dopant diffusion in semiconductor devices

The conference dinner will take place at Holland Hall on Streatham Campus. The bar opens at 18:30 and the dinner starts at 19:00.

Wednesday, 13.12.2006

Time Speaker Title
10:00-10:40 Bob Jones Electrochemical reactions
10:40-11:00 Naomi Fujita Point and extended defects in group IV materials
coffee break (2nd floor)
11:30-12:05 Sven Öberg AIMPRO compared with traditional quantum chemistry methods
12:05-12:20 Steve Sque Using AIMPRO to model graphene and graphite
12:20-12:50 Malcolm Heggie Ruck, tuck and buckle - a pile up of ideas for graphite
12:50-13:00 users user discussion on graphite
lunch break (7th floor)
14:00-14:20 Luke Hounsome The interaction of nitrogen with vacancy disks in diamond
14:20-14:40 Chris Ewels Hybrid methods for determining migration barriers
14:40-15:00 Colin Janke Properties of arsenic-vacancy related defects in silicon
15:00-15:30 Steve Sque Modelling doped carbon nanotubes on hydrogen-terminated diamond
coffee break (2nd floor)
16:00-16:30 Arnaud Marmier Metamaterials and DFT: Negative compressibility of Platinum Sulfide
16:30-16:50 Richard Eyre Stability of short alkyl groups on bulk and nanocrystalline Si surfaces
16:50-17:20 Imad Belabbas What do threading dislocation cores look like in wurtzite GaN?

All talks are to be held in room 503 (5th floor, Physics building)!

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