University of Exeter Shield AIMPRO `99
Current issues and developments in the cluster and supercell codes

11th-12th November 1999.


Thu 11th Nov:

Accommodation in Crossmead Conference Centre, as arranged with individual delegates. Evening meals are organised informally with the local organisers.

Fri 12th Nov:

Venue -Peter Chalk Centre (room 1.5)
- 10:30  Informally gather in Physics
11:00-11:30 Bob JonesIntroduction and current and future work at Exeter
11:30-12:30 Patrick BriddonCurrent and future developments
13:00-14:00 Lunch at Reed Hall
14:15-14:45 Malcolm HeggieCurrent/future applications at Sussex
14:45-15:15 Jose Coutinho Convergence/calculating modes in the super-cell
15:15-15:45 Chris LathamBasis optimisation for the super-cell code
15:45-16:15 Caspar FallFunctionality of the CPW plane wave code
16:15-16:30 Markus KaukonenFunctionality of the FINGER super-cell code
16:30-16:45 Ben Hourahine Diffusion methods in AIMPRO
16:45-17:00 Jonathan GossCurrent issues with d-orbital problems
17:00-close Bob JonesEmerging issues and closing remarks
19:30- Diner at Crossmead

Each talk is a platform for open forum discussions, and timings may well be adjusted ad hoc to accommodate debate.

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