University of Exeter Shield AIMPRO Workshop
Current work at Exeter

19th January 2000.


Venue - Peter Chalk Centre (Room 1.4)

The layout for the day listed below should be regarded as fairly informal. Each slot is envisaged to accommodate a generous amount of time for questions and discussion.

Time Speaker Subject
11:0011:45 José Coutinho Oxygen defects in silicon and germanium
11:4512:15 Jonathan Goss Hydrogen in diamond
12:1512:45 Christopher Latham Carbon in compound semiconductors
12:4514:00 Lunch
14:0014:30 Ron Newman Carbon defects in InP
14:3015:00 James Coomer Interstitial and vacancy defects in Si and diamond
15:0015:30 Ben Hourahine Carbon-hydrogen defects in silicon
15:3016:00 Markus Kaukonen Vacancy-tin defects in silicon
16:0016:30 Caspar Fall Magnesium-hydrogen and hydrogen in GaN
16:3017:00 Stefan Birner Interstitials in germanium
17:0017:30 Pat Briddon News from Newcastle
17:3018:00 Discussion

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