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Computing resources of the AIMPRO group

The supercomputing resources used by members of the AIMPRO group are varied and powerful. The ab-initio AIMPRO code is currently run on these parallel platforms:

Local resources
Ceres IBM SP system with 32 compute nodes and 2 IO nodes interfacing with 850 GB of shared disk space. 8 fast nodes with two 375 MHz POWER3 processors and 2 GBytes RAM, and 24 200 MHz POWER3 nodes with 1 GByte RAM.
Grendel Beowulf cluster with 10 Pentium III processors, 2 processors per node, 776 MBytes memory per node.
  A variety of Pentium and Athlon login Linux machines are available in our offices: faith,joy,hope, pan, titan, phobos, deimos, watt, tesla, amp, dilbert, dogbert, ratbert, columbus, mphys0, mphys1, mphys2.

Collaborative resources
Rhodes A 48 nodes Beowulf cluster with dual 2.4 GHz Xeons at Newcastle.

National resource HPCx
HPCx A 1280 processor p690 system.

National resources at CSAR
Green A new Origin 3000 system with 512 MIPS R12000 processors and 512 GBytes total memory.
Fermat SGI Origin2000 system with 128 MIPS R12000 processors, 128 Gbytes of memory and 2 Tbytes of medium performance disk.
Turing Cray T3E 1200E with 788 application processors, each with 256 Mbytes of memory, and 2 Tbytes of high performance disk. This system has a peak performance of just under 930 Gflops and a sustained performance of 164 Gflops on the NAS parallel benchmark.

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