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Current Projects

Development of algorithms and software for parallel architectures
R. Jones, P. R. Briddon (Newcastle) and S. Öberg (Luleå).

Oxygen Defects in Silicon
R. Jones, S. Öberg (Luleå, Sweden), C. P. Ewels and J. P. Coutinho.

Dislocations in semiconductors and insulators
R. Jones, M. I. Heggie (CPES, Sussex), S. Öberg (Luleå, Sweden) and T. Frauenheim (Paderborn, Germany).

Theory of dopant engineering in III-V Materials
R. Jones, C. D. Latham and S. Öberg (Luleå, Sweden).

Transition metal and rare-earth impurities in semiconductors
R. Jones and S. Öberg (Luleå, Sweden), P. R. Briddon (Newcastle) and A. Resende.

Vacancy related defects in C, Si and Ge
R. Jones, A. Resende and J. Coomer.

Carbon interstitials and aggregates in silicon
R. Jones and S. Öberg (Luleå, Sweden).

Defects in diamond
R. Jones, S. Öberg (Luleå, Sweden), P. R. Briddon (Newcastle), M. I. Heggie (CPES, Sussex), J. Goss, J. Coomer and C. D. Latham.

Point and extended defects in GaN
R. Jones, M. I. Heggie (CPES, Sussex), S. Öberg (Luleå, Sweden) and T. Frauenheim (Paderborn, Germany).

Non-diamond carbon
R. Jones, P. R. Briddon (Newcastle), M. I. Heggie (CPES, Sussex), C. P. Ewels, C. D. Latham and S. Öberg (Luleå, Sweden).

Hydrogen and hydrogen-defect complexes in silicon
R. Jones, A. Resende, B. Hourahine, S. Öberg (Luleå, Sweden) and J. Coomer.
Hydrogen in Silicon (Exeter and UMIST).

Theoretical simulation of STM Imaging
R. Jones, J. J. Hogan, R. C. MacKie and C. P. Ewels.

Ab initio investigation of biological macromolecule structures
R. Jones, B. Hourahine and S. Öberg (Luleå, Sweden).

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