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Theoretical Physics
ICDS '95 - Sendai, Japan

The following is a downloadable list of the papers we have presented this year at the ICDS '95 international defects conference in Sendai, Japan. A complete list of the papers we have on-line is also available.

1. A First Principles Investigation of Vacancy Oxygen defects in Si

2. A First Principles Study Of Ni Defects In Synthetic Diamond

3. Interstitial H and the dissociation of C-H defects in GaAs
4. Peculiarities of interstitial carbon and di-carbon defects in Si
5. Theory of the NiH_2 Complex in Si and the CuH_2 Complex in GaAs

6. Theory of Si delta-doped GaAs
7. Vacancy- and acceptor- H complexes in InP

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