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Quantum Systems and Nanomaterials Group

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Professor G. P. Srivastava publications by Journal

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Advanced Materials (1 publication).
Advances in Physics (1 publication).
AIP Conf Proc (1 publication).
Am Inst Phys Conf Proc (1 publication).
Appl Phys Lett (7 publications).
Appl Surf Sci (18 publications).
Braz J Phys (2 publications).
Brazilian Journal of Physics (1 publication).
Bull Am Phys Soc (1 publication).
Can J Phys (1 publication).
Central Europ J Phys (1 publication).
Chem Comm (1 publication).
Chem Phys (1 publication).
Comp Phys Commun (1 publication).
Contemp Phys (1 publication).
Diamond (2 publications).
Diamond and Related Materials (3 publications).
Electron Properties of Surfaces (1 publication).
Encyclopedia Science and Technology (1 publication).
In Saleem Hashmi (1 publication).
Ind J Pure and Appl Phys (2 publications).
Inst Phys Conf Ser No 91 Chapter 6 (1 publication).
Int J Nano and Biomaterials (1 publication).
Int J Nanotechnol (1 publication).
Intermetallics (3 publications).
IOP Conf Ser Mater Sci Eng (1 publication).
J Alloys and Compounds (2 publications).
J Appl Phys (22 publications).
J Chem Phys (5 publications).
J Phys A (1 publication).
J Phys C (16 publications).
J Phys Chem Solids (7 publications).
J Phys CM (12 publications).
J Phys Condens Matter (13 publications).
J Phys Condensed Matter (1 publication).
J Phys Conf Ser (2 publications).
J Phys Conf Series (5 publications).
J Phys D Applied Phys (1 publication).
J Physique (2 publications).
Mater Res Soc Symp Proc (9 publications).
Materials Science and Technology (1 publication).
MRS Bull (1 publication).
MRS Proceedings (4 publications).
Nanomaterials (1 publication).
Nanotechnol (3 publications).
NATO workshop on advanced research (1 publication).
Phil Mag (13 publications).
Phil Trans of the Royal Soc physical sciences (2 publications).
Phonon Physics (1 publication).
Phonon Scattering in Condensed Matter (1 publication).
Phonon Scattering in Solids (1 publication).
Phonons in Condensed Materials (5 publications).
Phys Educ (1 publication).
Phys Lett (3 publications).
Phys Reports (1 publication).
Phys Rev B (118 publications).
Phys Rev Lett (1 publication).
Phys Stat Sol (13 publications).
Phys Stat Sol (13 publications).
phys stat sol A (1 publication).
Phys Stat Solidi (1 publication).
Physica (1 publication).
Physica B (7 publications).
Physica C (1 publication).
Physics World (2 publications).
Pramana (3 publications).
Proc 22nd Int Conf on Phys of Semicond (1 publication).
Proc 23nd Int Conf on Phys of Semicond (1 publication).
Proc 6th International Conference of the Balkan Physical Union (1 publication).
Proc SPIE (1 publication).
Proceedings of XVIII MIEL (1 publication).
Properties of Crystalline Silicon (1 publication).
Publisher Springer Editors S L Shinde and J S Goela (1 publication).
Rep Prog Phys (1 publication).
Reports on Progress in Physics (2 publications).
Scientific Reports (1 publication).
Semicond Sci Technol (6 publications).
SemiInsulating IIIV Materials (1 publication).
Solid State Commun (11 publications).
Solid State Phys and Nucl Phys (3 publications).
Superlattices and Microstructures (4 publications).
Surf Rev Lett (6 publications).
Surf Sci (77 publications).
Surf Sci Rep (1 publication).
Vacuum (6 publications).


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