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Programme Specifications (2018/19)

There are brief descriptions of the degree programmes currently offered by the Physics and Astronomy on our WWW admissions pages. The progamme titles below are linked to full Programme Specifications applicable to students starting Stage 1 in academic year 2018/19. The UCAS codes below are linked to tables showing the modules comprising each programme stage scheduled for delivery during 2018/19.

Code Degree Title
F3F5BScPhysics with Astrophysics
FG31BScMathematics and Physics
F304MPhysPhysics with Professional Experience
F3FMMPhysPhysics with Astrophysics
F3T7MPhysPhysics with North American Study (Last intake September 2018)
F3TVMPhysPhysics with Australian Study (Last intake September 2018)
F308MPhysPhysics with Study in New Zealand (Last intake September 2018)

Please refer to:

for information about the programmes replacing the three with their last intake in September 2018.

See also: Information for previous and next years,
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University of Exeter Handbook (Transitional) Questions/Comments Dept of Physics